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     It's not what you see, but how you see.

     Each SeeingLight.com photographer possesses the ability to see light in a special way, which is reflected in each photographer's portfolio at the site.

     I will continue to add great work as I locate it. If you would like to be included send me either an image or a link where I can view your images. At SeeingLight.com, photographers can show six JPEG images with a maximum width of about 600 pixels or height of 500 pixels. Quality should be set in PhotoShop at 4 or 5, no more. Resolution should be 72 dpi for the Internet. I will make thumbnails from the large submitted images.

     Though it costs nothing to be included at SeeingLight.com, I am going to be picky about who I opt to include at the site. It's my time and money that maintains SeeingLight Gallery. However, I can be bribed (chuckle).

     Accepted portfolios will include thumbnail images on a separate page. Each thumbnail will lead to a larger image. I will post a biography page if you send one, which I suggest. I can post print prices at the ordering page or, and I suggest this, I can have potential buyers contact photographers by e-mail. Each photographer's e-mail address can be listed on each page.

     I won't be collecting a commission on any images purchased from the site. I leave sales negotiations to each photographer. I feel each photographer, including me, will benefit by the strong group presented at the SeeingLight Gallery.

     Follow the light,
     Al Camp

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Al Camp image
Al Camp

Stu Levy image
Stu Levy

Ken Smith image
Ken Smith

Pat Morrissey image
Pat Morrissey

Paul Roark image
Paul Roark

Lynn Radeka image
Lynn Radeka

Bob Hallock Image
Bob Hallock

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