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Photography of Al Camp, Stu Levy, Ken Smith, Pat Morrissey,
Paul Roark, Lynn Radeka

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John <info@starephotography.com>
-, - Canada - Thursday, November 10, 2005 at 11:13:00 (PST)
Hello! I love your portfolios! All of them are awesome! I'm a senior in college graduating in December. I am a photographer myself and I have to do a senior show in April showing my work. I love photographing landscapes in black and white just as you all have done. Your work is so inspiring to me. Thank you.
Audrey <buckichc4eva@yahoo.com>
Lakeland, FL USA - Monday, September 05, 2005 at 09:00:57 (PDT)
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Óêðàèíà - Friday, August 05, 2005 at 04:34:38 (PDT)
I loved the pictures - I do photography, but my website www.suewhitmore.co.uk is landscape and figure work . I do hop you like it - the eucalypts ar in San Francisco
sue whitmore <suewhitmore@beeb.net>
london, UK - Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at 07:40:39 (PDT)
Thanks for your resources. I posted your URL in the news letter I write for a local photo group. Also, congratulations on so many fine photographs!
Bob Pliskin <bb.pliskin@verizon.net>
White Plains, NY USA - Monday, November 01, 2004 at 18:27:15 (PST)
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USA - Friday, September 24, 2004 at 00:31:01 (PDT)
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USA - Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at 00:03:45 (PDT)
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USA - Tuesday, September 07, 2004 at 00:34:28 (PDT)
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Gudrun <gundi@eletrisch.de>
USA - Friday, August 27, 2004 at 01:18:44 (PDT)
Great site, well done. I enjoy beeing here and i´ll come back soon. You do a great job. Many greetings.
USA - Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 01:59:52 (PDT)
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Chris Goodband
USA - Wednesday, July 14, 2004 at 03:48:59 (PDT)
a very nice site and good pictures louis
louis bourdon <loui.bourdon@wanadoo.fr>
sarlat, france - Saturday, June 26, 2004 at 14:31:46 (PDT)
A very nice page and excellent content, keep up the good work. Best wishes from jonas !
- Saturday, April 03, 2004 at 19:32:23 (PST)
absolutely riviting photography...inspiring. thanks
artie alinikoff <artkoff@bellsouth.net>
hendersonville, tn USA - Wednesday, January 07, 2004 at 09:02:04 (PST)
Nice site and images.
Grizzlypaw <info@grizzlypaw.com>
Canmore, Alberta Canada - Saturday, November 29, 2003 at 21:28:01 (PST)
Thanks for the images Al Camp. I spent one of the best years of my life in north central Washington State near Oroville, a long time ago (25 years?), and it was nice to see some pictures from that area.
Carl <cfw@soul-escape.com>
Rogersville, MO USA - Thursday, November 27, 2003 at 10:55:37 (PST)
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Hamburg, Germany - 5:54:33 7/15/2003
Hello there is one thing I want to say thank you for your photographics. They are amazing and wonderful. Go on doing such a good work. Bye Stefan
Herne, NRW Germany - 5:52:47 7/15/2003
Psychic Vision
I loved your site Thank you for allowing me to surf your pages
, USA - 16:41:9 6/7/2003
james goss
hey man looking at melting rocks here very hot. night shots are fantastic lava pouring at your feet. just finishing the house here spending most of my time surfing shark dodging playing with the boy and o does mother nature no how to carve the stone here.will start my guest house this fall sure hope you can visit I think of you everytime I see a shot I know you would spend some time on their everywhere no not the nude beaches the molten rocks hope you guys are doing well i bet dougs a man now eh pics of my little one on my website.Yep sure looks like you could use some more rock shots best come see me bring asbestos boots and a gas mask take care al miss ya thanks for the rock shots
honaunau, hi USA - 5:3:7 5/31/2003
Fran Abel
In looking at your "two ferns" photo I was disturbed by the inaccurate identification of plants. First the leaves you see are not Rhododendron but false lily of the valley and one of the ferns is not a fern at all but more than likely galium. Thought you'd like to know. Fran
Langley, WA USA - 18:21:2 5/25/2003
Martin Dolezal
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, USA - 9:46:20 5/16/2003
Hello I just went by to tell you that your site is great I've been visiting this one for a long time but this is my first entry )
, USA - 4:1:40 4/23/2003
Kyoo H. Park
I enjoyed your photographs so much. It would be better for the photos much larger in size. Thanks
Seoul, South Korea - 3:12:20 4/21/2003
Blue Lego
Have a great day.
Oceanside, CA USA - 19:11:1 3/26/2003
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Tom (cowboy) Ferguson
I will try and get a pic of the 8x10 enlarger to you by the middle of March tom
Tumwater, WA USA - 0:20:4 2/21/2003
Tom (cowboy) Ferguson
I will try and get a pic of the 8x10 enlarger to you by the middle of March tom
Tumwater, WA USA - 0:15:47 2/21/2003
brian campbell
i like the musica lot. the pictures are good too. Is it possible to get a cd of the music.
petaluma, ca USA - 16:44:54 2/13/2003
Like Creston Butte. Like Black and white and landscape including animals. Live in Tucson in summer Alaska in winter favorite photog Hoshino digital seems gussied up and a little dishonest go to Alaska Al take winter pictures. I'll buy.
Tucson, As USA - 12:26:22 2/3/2003
I Like your site
, Australia - 3:50:41 1/16/2003
I dont have one
Lancaster, Britain - 6:24:34 1/8/2003
Jim Liddy
Outstanding photos - glad I found the site. As a long time photographer but having not yet taken it to the next level you guys are an inspiration. Keep up the great work.
, CT USA - 0:32:50 12/21/2002
Park-hwang Jae-hyeong
I am Korean Artist.
Incheon, South-Korea - 9:28:59 12/7/2002
david lambert
I love B W photography it has a lot of emotion I try to shot it as much as I can. I really enjoyed your site.
colville, wa USA - 22:27:55 11/27/2002
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Antony Martin
Fantastic site with some inspiring photographs. I feel rather ashamed of my site but hey we all have to start somewhere. I found the site while looking through DMOZ to place my own. I don't think I'll bother now Regards.
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Grembach, 2311 USA - 16:44:41 11/6/2002
james goss
HI AL just wanted to see your stones nothing but lava every where some of them red hot take care and say hi to Dee and Doug for me later James Amy and Jackson TY
honaunau, hi USA - 3:33:13 10/23/2002
I see you finally got your guest book fixed. Great
, USA - 14:5:57 9/1/2002
Jim Sorenson

Auburn, WA USA - 14:7:20 1/10/2002
Lynn Smith

dracut, ma USA - 14:27:19 8/20/2001
Umesh Singh
very good site
new delhi, de IN - 2:3:8 5/4/2001
Great site loved it be sure to visit my page too and sign my guestbook
Edmonton, Ab Canada - 4:44:15 4/26/2001
Emily Medvec
Hi Stu - What a surprise to find you via paypal.com. Site looks great - hope you are doing well. My studio is in Santa Fe now and I am printing my own giclees making monoprints and printing on silk - a far cry from our days at the AA workshops.
Santa Fe, NM USA - 11:39:40 3/21/2001
Hi Al (Bop999 ). I'm visiting your site assuming you are the same person whose comment I read on Aardvark 'n Friends Fotos club. Very skilled work. I especially like the photo Dunes with Doug and the story alongside was an added delight. Very personal. Is your web address listed in the club links
, KS USA - 16:42:45 3/11/2001
sk dunn
greetings. . .i came here a few days ago (from the powerbook page) and you had the picture of your 4x5 set up on the beach. such a great picture that i downloaded it and now have it on my desktop so i owe you for that. really like this site a lot. only looked at a few of your pictures they're great i'll be back-i'm in the country on a 28.8 phone line so everything happens very slowly for me. my photos are color so probably not right for you but mark boyle the australian photograper who designed my web page takes beautiful scenic photos shoots in b w so i'm going to tell him about your site. also i just got back from a trip to florida where i visited clyde butcher's gallery in the everglades. have you ever seen his work i think you would like it. www.clydebutcher.com okok. . .thanks for the show. so far chalk hills is my favorite but i still have a lot more to look at. .sk
Rutherford, CA USA - 18:52:23 3/9/2001
Trudy CampSeick Orzio
Glad to find you again Al. Beautiful Art I am so glad to see you pursue it more.May I get a price list I especially like the one about the Dunes. It is almost surreal.
Tacoma, Wa USA - 14:16:41 3/3/2001
Tammy Gates
Hi Al I was searching through the rodeo archives and found a couple of photos you took of my son riding saddle bronks. What a great job. I use to live in Okanogan and you'r photos brought back so many memories of the places I use to go to be with nature You'r photos deffinatly make me home-sick. IT's a wonderfull thing to create such beautifull pictures in a part of the country that can be so desolate and some times lonely. I hope you keep shareing you'r interpretations of the beauty that is the Okanogan. Thank you Tammy
SeaSide, Or. USA - 12:32:41 3/2/2001
Matt Oulman
Hi Al very nice site. I just stumbled in here and couldn't leave till I saw every image I grew grew up in the Spokane area and spent more than a little time in the Okanogan so your images held me for awhile. I have been shooting various formats for decades and am just starting to shoot LF. If you are amenable I would like to send you some central Idaho images for opinions/critique sometime. Again a very nice site. I enjoyed your lanscapes Matt Oulman Moscow ID
Moscow, ID USA - 16:50:43 1/22/2001
Sally Ranzau
Great web site Al and beautiful images
Winthrop, WA USA - 10:46:10 1/3/2001
gaye wiggs
Oh my such beautiful works such a pleasure to view all. Thank you. Gaye
omak, wa USA - 9:53:47 9/4/2000
Hi Great site I really enjoyed my visit. Keep up the excellent work Have a nice day
Uppsala, Sweden - 14:42:47 7/15/2000
very good
, USA - 17:33:37 7/5/2000
Norma A. Cauley
I love the picture of the leaves. It is absolutely beautiful.
Brookshire, Tx USA - 19:56:0 6/16/2000
Jan Canfield Broce
Hey Al - nice Site - just browsing through the Chronicle and saw your link. Thought I would say hi. Now that I have looked at the pictures I am more homesick than ever. Say hello to Dee and all who remember me. Jan
Port Lavaca, TX USA - 20:52:22 6/7/2000
Dorothy Dunham
Dear Al Camp My name is Dorothy Dunham and I am a student attending school at SFCC in Spokane WA. In our Photo Appreciation class we were given an assignment for next week which requires us to contact and interview a photographer. I am also a resident of Okanogan County and thought that maybe you might not mind being the subject of this interview. I realize you have limited time do to your job at the Omak Chronicle. These questions actually pretain more to the selling or your images rather than to your newspaper work. I am hoping you might e-mail answers back on the following questions. 1. Do you have any help (employees) on your new on-line web site 2. What futute growth trends do you foresee 3. What technology changes have you made since starting to actively sell your images 4. What professional organizations and affiliations do you utilize to help you in your business 5. What are the positive aspects of your business that make it exciting creative and rewarding 6. And finally what are the negative or stressful areas of this business I want to thank you in advance for any time you spend in helping me with this assignment. Dorothy Dunham 2127 W. Buckeye 201 Spokane WA 99205 Home address 256C Riverside Cutoff Road Riverside WA 98849
Spokane, WA USA - 9:0:43 6/2/2000
I really like photograpy. That is going to be my major in college.
, USA - 0:7:19 5/30/2000
Earnest Scarborough
Just checking your page out... Looks good. Music kinda spookey.... See you around.. Ernest
Okanogan, WA USA - 22:31:32 5/25/2000
barnett kalikow
Love the new site Al. I see I got a mention at the table rock photo. Way coool.
Lacey , wa USA - 13:41:2 5/11/2000
Greg Nord
Wow. Neato Al Kia sent me the link and i had a GREAT time "wandering" through the gallery Frenchie has flown back to Muskegon Michigan now but has plans to move out here It was VERY pleasent chatting with you. You're a really nice guy when you're not nuking me. )
Wenatchee, WA USA - 11:22:23 5/8/2000
Brad Smith
On eBay for the first time I spotted your Eddie Peabody album "Me and My Banjo" for sale for 3.00 ( S H). Unfortunately this discovery was 7 min before the end of the auction and it took me 11 min to register with eBay which brought me to this site with the wonderful photography. Is there any way I could still buy that album How about your confirmation and I just send you a check Also 10 000 records is quite a lot of records you wouldn't happen to have a list of the ones you're planning to sell would you Sincerely Brad Smith
Orinda, CA USA - 16:19:28 5/7/2000
Jo Kennils
Dear Al After seeing the excellent images you have on your web site I would like to suggest a proposal of how we may possibly work together in the near future. We are currently in production of a special stock catalogue dedicated to 'Nature' which would include landscapes and wildlife images. It is due for release at the end of this year and I would like to feature your work in this publication. Please contact me for further details. Thank you. With kinds regards. Yours sincerely Jo Kennils Creative Acquisitions DIGITAL VISION
NYC, NY USA - 11:51:6 5/1/2000

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