Dr. Nau's Hosta
Dr. Nau's Hosta
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Photographed: May 28, 2002
Location: Okanogan
Format: Linhof V 4x5
Film: TRI-X
Lens: 180 mm
Exposure: 2 seconds
f/stop: f45
Negative Development: Pyro, Normal
Printed on Epson 1280 printer, Epson Archival Matte Paper, Paul Roark curves.

     The Hosta plant next to Dr. Nau's dentist office looked great this year. So I couldn't resist taking a photograph.

     I scanned the 4x5 at 800 dpi at 100 percent, then resized to 8x10 at 400 dpi to print on my Epson 1280 printer with VM inks. I am finding this is a great way to get my work on the Intenet sooner, and for me to see what a final print might look like quicker than slaving away in the darkroom.

     We've got a couple Hostas growing at the house, but none have gotten nearly as big and nice as Dr. Nau's Hostas.

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